• Type A


    2 1/2 Storey Semi-Detached House

    Standard Lot: 35' x 80'

    min: RM 1,397,849

    max:  RM 1,798,978

    (14 units) 5% discount for Bumiputra

    Type B


    2 1/2 Storey Semi-Detached House

    Standard Lot: 35' x 80'

    min: RM 1,451,613

    max:  RM 1,786,344

    (8 units) 5% discount for Bumiputra

    Type C


    2 Storey Semi-Detached House

    Standard Lot: 35' x 80'

    min: RM 1,169,892

    max:  RM 1,551,290

    (8 units)5% discount for Bumiputra

    3 Storey Commercial Shop


    Standard Lot: 20' x 70'

    (25 units)

    99-year leasehold

    Cameron Highlands,Tringkap Main Road

  • Be it is a commercial shoplot or residential home, Oriental Lily at Yarra Hills offers a unique development at the wildly popular holiday destination of Cameron Highlands.

    Rolling green hills; naturally cool air; serene ambience – a true respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is one place that possesses these traits and it is none other than Cameron Highlands, a destination that is popular with both local and foreign tourists.

    Apart from treating it merely as a getaway location, here is an opportunity to invest in a mixed commercial and residential development known as Oriental Lily at Yarra Hills. Spanning across 13.7 acres of leasehold land, Oriental Lily will encompass 25 units of 3-storey shops, 46 units of semi-detached homes and 10 units of bungalows. The development is valued at RM38 million for the shops and RM62 million for the homes.

    The development is located at Tringkap, which is also the second highest point and third biggest town in Cameron Highlands. Tringkap is located in between Kg Raja and Brinchang (one of the more famous towns in this hilly and mountainous area). The road from the north via Simpang Pulai and Gua Musang to Brinchang is one of the busiest roads. It only takes approximately 50 minutes to get to Ipoh and 40 minutes to Gua Musang by road.

    Oriental Lily at Yarra Hills is also easily accessible, with many nearby shops to cater to one’s daily needs. The development is minutes away from several renowned spots in the area; it is a 5-minute drive to Equatorial Hotel, a 10-minute drive to the famous Brinchang market and Talas View – Boh tea plantation, and a 15-minute drive to the Cameron Highlands Golf Club.

    Small-town allure that is big on nature

    Oriental Lily at Yarra Hills is the first landed property in Cameron Highlands that features a gated and guarded concept. Only 40% of the 13-acre land will be used for the development. Hence, this development will be low in density to ensure a sustained serenity within its immediate environment.

    The developer has also taken into consideration the location and is keen to maintain the peace of this town, which rests at an altitude of 1,590m above sea level, thus allowing residents and tourists to enjoy a cool temperature that ranges from 12C to 21C.

    The built-up of each unit of the 3-storey commercial lot measures 20’ x 70’. The former enjoys an advantageous frontage that is highly visible as it faces the main road that leads to Brinchang.

    The 46 units of two and 2 1/2-storey semi-detached homes are based on a split-level design to match the naturally hilly environment. The design of these homes are French-inspired and residents will wake up to a much-coveted panoramic view.

    There are three designs to choose from and the standard lot size is 35’ x 80’, with a built-up that ranges between 2,400 sq ft and 3,000 sq ft. These homes are priced between RM1,088,000 and RM1,673,050 (RM411 per sq ft to RM500 per sq ft) and will be launched in March 2013, while the expected completion date will be approximately 24 months from the launch date.

    There will be a free 24-month security service fee and free S&P legal fees for the first 10 units of semi-detached homes purchased. The maintenance fee for each semi-detached home will be fixed at RM200 per month and Bumiputera buyers will be entitled to a 5% discount. Those who prefer greater privacy can opt for one of the 10 vacant bungalow lots.

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  • ENJOY the luxurious carpet of soft grass and pine trees!

    ENJOY nature’s peace that will flow in you as sunbeam flows on trees!

    Want to be a part of this heavenly experience?

    What better place to be than at Oriental Lily!

    And when you think of a residence in Cameron Highlands,

    The Oriental Lily is the place to be!

    Come close to nature and indulge yourself in a cool and relaxed ambience with peace and serenity

    Come home to the pristine freshness of Oriental Lily

    Welcome home to the first gated and guarded community in Cameron Highlands. Owning a home here is peace of mind, serenity and the confidence  that your family and your home are safe every hour, every day.

    Our homes are designed to blend in with the natural environment of the area.  We have taken care not to disturb around the site ecosystem, this enable home owners to maximise their enjoyment of the pristine fresh air amidst greenery and beautiful scenery.

    Oriental Lily offers an unparalleled relaxing atmosphere. Surrounded by green gardens, strawberry farms and vegetable farms, dotted by happy butterflies collecting nectar.  Oriental Lily homes are the ideal place to spend quality time with family for a weekend or for the holidays.  It is an apt place for families who need to retreat to a hustle-free, pollution-free and  tranquil place .

    Located in Tringkap, between Kampung Raja and Brinchang, it takes approximately 50 minutes to reach from Ipoh. Tringkap is the 2nd highest point in Cameron Highlands and it offers pristine fresh air amidst greenery and beautiful scenery.

    Oriental Lily at Yarra Hills is conveniently located , with many nearby shops to cater to one’s daily needs. Get the freshest vegetables for lunch and dinner each day, and the sweetest fruits for dessert. If you’re feeling a little laidback, head out to the many restaurants, eateries and fast food places for your heart’s desire. The choices range from Chinese, Indian, Malay food to Western, German and Japanese.
    With ample recreation opportunities for all – from trails for jungle trekking and mountain biking; golfing; camping to having a picnic at the waterfall with the family or taking a slow walk. On weekends, set up the barbeque for some family get –together. Or if you prefer, heat up the hotpot for some steaming veggies and meat over family conversations.  It will be the perfect get-together in the cool weather.

    Beautiful bird songs and the cool breeze of the lush greenery greet you each morning as you wake up to a panoramic view. All of our 2 ½ storey semi-detached French-inspired homes are based on a split level design to accommodate the hilly environment. We have taken care to minimize disturbing the natural environment of the area.


    Our airy designs with walls of windows  allow you to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors  both day and night, while letting in the natural light. At the same time, it offers residents a sense of extraordinary respite for the mind, body and spirit.

    An exclusive enclave only for the discerning


    With premium pricing on the residences, Oriental Lily is built for those who love life and knows how to love life.  They have an eye for beauty, a taste for luxury and a yearning for the best.


    These are one-of-kind residences that include every amenity you can imagine, plus some that would surprise even the most creative buyer as home trends are focusing more  on making it even more of an entertainment  and recreation space for the entire family.


    At Oriental Lily, there is no better place to be! It is truly a heaven on earth.

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